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Biomas Boilers

North Wales / North West

Biomass boilers offer the very best of solid fuel combustion. Capable of burning wood, coal, bark, construction debris, nuts, shells, husks, paper, card/board products , hog fuel, sawdust, shavings, sludge and agricultural biomass.

Biomass is living and recently dead biological material that can be used for fuel to heat up your Heating and Hot water needs. It can be plant matter, animal by-products and general waste products.

If biomass originates from a sustainable source then it can be thought of as a renewable energy.

Biomass does not include organic material which has been transformed by biological processes into fossil fuels – such as coal and petrol. Fossil fuels aren’t considered to be biomass because they contain carbon that has been outside the carbon cycle for a long time. Wood pellets are a popular biomass fuel source.

How do Biomass Boilers systems work?

Turning wood or any other form of biomass into pellets, gives it not only a uniform shape and size, but also gives it an improved density. Fuel density is very important for efficient combustion. High density fuels burn more cleanly, produce less smoke, particulate emissions and less ash. All this enables you to produce more heat.

As each pellet has roughly the same amount of energy, it is easier for the biomass burner to relate temperature by the amount of pellets required. This means that biomass pellet burners need less maintenance compared to traditional log burners.

Pellet fuel is rated by ash content. It normally comes in 40 lb bags. Most pellet stoves require you to use premium grade pellets which have low ash content. It is crucial to match the correct fuel to the type of stove in order for it to operate efficiently. The fact that the pellets have low ash content is one of its most attractive features. Less ash means less work. Normal wood-burning stoves normally require the ash box to be emptied at least once a day – a pellet stove may only require cleaning once a week – or even less.