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House Builders & Developers

We offer a range of services for House Builders & Developers.

 Heating & Gas

As a House Builder / Developer, you no doubt have a reputation to uphold. It is therefore imperative that the professionals you select to work on your projects have an equally high reputation for quality service.

At SES we hire only trained tradespersons with a clean work record and the same dedication to excellence as our entire company.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out timely installations and through safety inspections.

  • Plumbing Services

  • Boiler Installation & Maintenance

  • Gas Safe

  • Central Heating Installation

  • Energy Efficient Systems

  • Bathroom & Kitchen Installations

  • Renwable Energy

Plumbing Services

Get in touch with us to fulfil any of your plumbing needs for your projects. From complete installation of new plumbing, to minor repairs and maintenance, the expert engineers at SES will respond readily, carry out all work efficiently, and clean the area when the work is complete.

Our reputation in Flintshire, North wales and the surrounding areas is based upon years of superior customer service, excellent workmanship and fair pricing.

Health & Safety

At SES, we take Health & Safety seriously. Our employees are CSCS cardholders & Gas Safe registered engineers who carry out their work with the utmost concern for all.

While SES provide the equipment and circumstances for our employees to carry out the projects safely, we expect them to show due responsibility for their own Health & Safety. We promote awareness of safe working practices and encourage employees to be fully involved in safety practices and to report any unsafe conditions or practices.

SES cooperates fully with contractors and building management to ensure the safety of all persons in or affected by any projects we are involved with.

Bathroom Design and installation

SES can design and install attractive energy efficient bathrooms that compliment the overall style of any dwelling. We use high quality materials, pay close attention to details, and carry out installations in a professional and timely manner. Our skilled and experienced tradespersons will comply with all building and safety regulations as they carry out the preparatory and installation work for the bathrooms in your building.

SES have built a reputation for excellence in bathroom design and installation in the Flintshire, North Wales and Cheshire area. We are affiliated to professional bodies and we bring over 25 years of experience to each project.

Renewable Energy

As a developer, you no doubt share in the commitment the UK has made to achieve a 34% reduction of carbon emissions by the year 2020. At SES we promote the vital cause by providing a range of options for renewable energy systems for heating and power.

On our renewables page, you will find an overview of all types of energy efficient systems we install, along with the advantages of each one. We are confident that you will find the system that fills the needs of the buildings, at a cost that fits within your budget.

By choosing to heat and power your buildings low carbon emission technology you are not only helping to save the planet but also establishing your reputation as a responsible developer. Moreover, these energy efficient systems will add to the value of your projects and increase marketability.

Local Authorities

Heating & Gas

SES is a well-established company with experience of working with local authorities.

We have experienced Gas Safe registered engineers. They are honest and reliable.

We install and repair all types of heating systems. SES also installs and maintains central heating, underfloor and solar heating systems. We are readily available in the Flintshire, North Wales & Cheshire area.

Plumbing Services

The plumbing professionals at SES have a well-earned excellent reputation for efficient and reliable works. Our work is of the highest quality. We offer an emergency call out service.

Our engineers have experience working with local authorities and have built a reputation for excellent customer service.

We offer help with:

· Leaks

· Burst pipes

· Toilets

Hot water/heating issues

· Cylinders

· Boilers

· Pumps

· Overflows

Safety Inspections & certificates

SES can carry out through safety inspections of all gas heating systems, flues and appliances. We issue detailed certificates with all required information.

Health & Safety

SES takes Health & Safety seriously. We employ CSCS card holders and our members of SMAS. We regularly assess possible hazards or risks in our working areas. We have a proficient Health & Safety system that we adhere too.

We diligently record all significant findings and progeny access to any hazards found until steps can be taken to restore safe working conditions. Our objective is to cooperate fully with local authorities in Health & Safety matters, and we welcome Health & safety inspections as a means to further ensure that our work is carried out safely.

SES provides extensive training to educate employees and ensure that they conscientiously adhere to safety regulations. All necessary PPE is available for all employees’ at all times.

Bathroom Installations & Refurbishments

SES carries out high quality bathroom installations & refurbishments, following all regulations, standards and codes. We use first rate materials to ensure that our work will be of lasting value.

We also do our part in reducing energy consumption by installing (where suitable) the latest and most energy efficient heating and plumbing systems available. Our experienced engineers take pride in their work, and in upholding the high standards for which we are known for. They have experience in working with local authorities on many successful projects.

Kitchen Installations & Refurbishments

SES are a reliable and responsible company with years of experience working together with local authorities. Our kitchen refurbishments are of the highest quality and efficiency. As always our professional installers are well trained in health & safety standards and comply fully with all building regulations when carrying out the work.

You can count on us for a high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Renewable Energy

As responsible members of the Construction Industry, we are dedicated to be being part of reducing carbon emissions. SES offer installation of the latest in renewable technology.

Our renewables pages gives an overview of the various types of heating and renewable systems for bi=both domestic and industrial buildings. More info.

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