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Heat Pumps

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

A Ground source heat pumps, as the name suggests, uses heat stored in the ground as an energy source. A fluid is pumped round a system and picks up heat from the ground and transfers it to a holding cylinder. A larger than normal cylinder than those used in the home is used. This system’s main advantage is that they are very easy to install and they can be used almost anywhere

How does a Ground Source Heat Pump systems work?

The upper three metres of the earth’s surface maintains a nearly constant temperature between 10 and 16 degrees centigrade, this is the key to how this method works. The pump pushes a fluid through either a horizontal or a bored vertical closed loop. The refrigerant fluid is heated by the higher temperature in the ground and enters a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the house’s heating system and this is stored in a cylinder for use as and when required.

What are the benefits of Ground Source Heat pump installations?

Whilst the setup costs are higher than for conventional systems the capital outlay is usually returned in energy savings in 5 – 10 years. The system life is estimated at 25 years for the inside components and 50 plus for the ground loop thus reducing your whole life costs and enabling you to harness the endless sustainable supply of ground heat.

Installation of heat pumps

A ground source heat pump can be installed either horizontally or vertically. With the horizontal method a series of pipes are installed around 1 to 2 metres deep in either straight runs or using a ‘slinky’ coil loop field which provides the same amount of heat but over a much reduced surface area of excavation. With the vertical method a bore hole is drilled to a depth of around 25m to 150m. Two pipes are inserted with a U shaped cross connector at the bottom. The vertical method is used where the area of ground is limited and is more expensive than the horizontal method.

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